Friday, July 29, 2011

no sleep sleep over

I have never had a better night then the last. We started out watching Hairspray an ok, but not that great movie. Then we were going to watch another movie but couldnt figure out how to work the dvd player, so we all decided to go to sleep. 1 fell asleep within 10 minutes, another 20 minutes went by and another fell asleep. I thought we'd all drop like flies after that. At last i fell asleep, but don't stop reading now we're getting to the good point. As i awoke 15 minutes later, to the sound of giggling and chatting, there were still 2 asleep. As i lay on the floor cuddled in a blanket a car pulled up. It would have been completely normal, except for that fact it was 2:30 in the morning. Almost 30 seconds later we heard a car door SLAM, as if they were trying to wake everyone in the house up. Then, we heard someone try and open the front door, of course all the doors were locked, so the 5 of us ran to the bathroom and locked ourselves in. 4 people that day said they would come and prank us in the middle of the night. We quickly grabbed our phones and called anyone it could be. Everyone said they were at home and we didnt know who to believe. At the sudden moment one girl started to play the "one missed call" ringtone, the rest of us freaked out as we climbed into the shower. As four of us sat in the shower and the other was throwing dog food at us to get us out of the shower, we shrieked loudly. When we had been in there for over an hour we realized it was pointless and anyone would be gone by them. It was fun to be so scared.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a change

i know im a bitch and most people dont like me, but im going to change i will become the nicest person this school has ever seen. I dont hate anymore i love everyone no matter what they look like. I wont gossip as much. and last the one thing i have never really been... me. :) im changing because i want to and i owe that much to myself.

thinking of you

every time i think of him it makes me wonder what would have happened if i did something differently. Is it just me or do guys not see when u are flirting with them?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The guy i like likes another girl he's cute and we are a lot alike I wish he would just look in front of him to see the girl that's really ment 4 him. Tomorrow may be another day and he might finally realize the girl that's perfect 4 him or he'll go on being stupid liking a girl that's opposite of him.